Preliminary program, subject to changes.

Schedule  Posters


Time Speaker Title
8:00-9:00 Check-in, breakfast, poster set up
9:00-9:10 Opening Remarks
9:10-10:00  Hari Balakrishnan(MIT) Keynote
10:00-10:20 Break 
10:20-11:00  Lightning Talks Wireless & Mobile
Session Chair: Xia Zhou
10:20 Zhao Tian (Dartmouth) Visible Light Communication in the Dark
10:30 Marcelo Martins (Brown) Tamer: Diminishing the Energy Drain of Android Background Applications
10:40 Jerry Ajay (Buffalo) Mobile Databases: Are they necessary?
10:50 Xia Zhou (Dartmouth) Human Sensing Using Visible Light Communication
11:00-11:20 Break
11:20-12:20 Panel Future Internet Architectures.
John Byers (BU), Dave Clark (MIT), Karen Sollins (MIT), Arun Venkataramani (Amherst)
Moderator: Fahad Dogar
12:20-1:30  Lunch
1:20-2:20 Lightning Talks Networking
Session chair: Mohammad Alizadeh
1:20 Victoria Manfredi (Raytheon BBN) Rebound: Decoy Routing on Asymmetric Routes Via Error Messages
1:30 Anirudh Sivaraman (MIT) Towards Programmable Packet Scheduling
1:40 Wei Si (BU) Hybrid-BCP: A Robust Load Balancing and Routing Protocol for Intra-Car Wired/Wireless Networks
1:50 Ruwaifa Anwar (Stony Brook) Investigating Interdomain Routing Policies in the Wild
2:00 Osama Haq (Tufts) Leveraging the Power of Cloud for Reliable Wide Area Communication
2:10 Ethan Katz-Bassett (USC) PEERING: An AS for Us
2:20-3:50  Poster Session
3:50-4:50 Lightning Talks Distributed Systems, Privacy, Security
3:50 Matei Zaharia (MIT) Scaling Spark in the Real World
4:00 Jeff Rasley (Brown) Queue Management at End Hosts for Improved Cluster Scheduling
4:10 Murat Demirbas (Buffalo) Hybrid clocks for high auditability
4:20 Liang Zhang (Northeastern) An End-to-End Measurement of Certificate Revocation in the Web’s PKI
4:30 Phillipa Gill (Stony Brook) Astoria: AS-aware relay selection for Tor
4:40 Jingjing Ren (Northeastern) ReCon: Revealing and Controlling PII Leaks in Mobile Network Traffic
~5:30 Appetizers Boston Beer Works, courtesy of Cisco

Posters (16):

  • Strategic Design of Advance Reservation Services
  • GENI Wireless Testbed: A flexible open ecosystem for Wireless Communications research
  • Modeling and Improving Performance of Shingled Magnetic Recording Drives
  • Structuring Uncertainty Using the maybe Statement
  • Pivot Tracing: Dynamic Causal Monitoring for Distributed Systems
  • Usage Based Flexible Smartphone Energy Management
  • A Measurement Study of Inter Data Center Paths
  • OS-based Resource Accounting for Asynchronous Resource Use in Modern Mobile Systems
  • Quantifying Quality of Experience by Using the Screen as a Sensor
  • Towards a Redundancy Aware Network Stack
  • ICLab, A Platform for Measuring Online Information Controls
  • Identifying Traffic Differentiation in Mobile Networks
  • Simon: Scriptable Interactive Monitoring for SDNs
  • Bringing IT Home: Protecting Residential Users with SDNs and NFV
  • Real Semantics: Capturing Floating-Point Imprecision
  • Automated Deployment of Big Data Processing Environment