Frequently asked questions

  • Can I submit an abstract for work that is under submission?
    • Yes, from our part. The submission is not for a publication, but for a lightning talk on any subject you want your peers from the region to learn about.
  • Can I submit work that has been published?
    • Yes.
  • Are only professors allowed to submit?
    • No. In fact, we encourage students to submit and present!
  • Can a submission have multiple authors?
    • Yes, please put the presenter as the first author.
  • Are all submissions going to be accepted?
    • Not necessarily. We will judge all submissions for quality and, if there are more eligible submissions than slots for the day, we will have to select a subset.
  • Can I go if I don’t submit anything or if my talk proposal doesn’t get accepted?
    • Yes! But notice that spots are limited, and you must register!