• Speaker: Andrew Ferguson
  • Date: April 12th, 2011 (Tuesday)
  • Room: CIT 506
  • Paper: Damon Wischik, Costin Raiciu, Adam Greenhalgh, and Mark Handley. "Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Congestion Control for Multipath TCP" [pdf] [slides]
  • Venue: USENIX NSDI 2011
  • Abstract:

Multipath TCP, as proposed by the IETF working group mptcp, allows a single data stream to be split across multiple paths. This has obvious benefits for reliability, and it can also lead to more efficient use of networked resources. We describe the design of a multipath congestion control algorithm, we implement it in Linux, and we evaluate it for multihomed servers, data centers and mobile clients. We show that some ‘obvious’ solutions for multipath congestion control can be harmful, but that our algorithm improves throughput and fairness compared to single-path TCP. Our algorithm is a drop-in replacement for TCP, and we believe it is safe to deploy.