• Speaker: Joe Politz
  • Date: October 14th, 2011 (Friday)
  • Room: CIT 345
  • Abstract:
Users on the web today face a crisis of identity management. We are engaged in many-to-many relationships with dozens of web services, and ludicrously expected both to understand the consequences of their interactions and to remember credentials proving our identity to each. On the other hand, the predominant account model on the web entrusts sites with critical, user-provided secrets that must be kept confidential. Sites don't necessarily want this responsibility, but it is built into the model that the existing web ecosystem offers. The Belay Project out of Google is exploring solutions to these problems by looking at novel ways of building web applications, along with services that manage identity and relationships with sites around the web. I'll present some of these ideas and some prototypes that we've built to explore this space.